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“Having these dashboards changes the game for us when it comes to giving the client more accurate information, and in turn, we can offer a better service.”

In search of insight and efficiency

VideoTaxi is a digital production house, offering everything from graphic design through to animation and video production on a subscription model. One of their key challenges was staying on top of the number of hours used against a client’s subscription. They needed a better way to project burn rate and understand how efficient they are on different parts of a project.

Chief Cabby (Digital Content Producer Manager), Bruce Knoetze, said that the VideoTaxi team wanted this information to be in an at-a-glance, visual form. “The software that we use to time track and log all that against projects is very much the same as our accounting software, so it’s not really sexy to look at. Being a bunch of creatives, we need something visual to give us the information that we need at hand every time we log in.”

They’d started off with what Bruce describes as a ‘duct tape’ solution they had built themselves, using Google Sheets and a time tracker app, with an API to feed information. “It was a manual process of getting those sheets to work and then feeding that information into something, which would give an infographic of that data.

“Obviously, as we started to scale, this process started to fall over.”

Data-driven conversations

Finding a solution off the shelf was difficult; there was nothing that really ticked all the boxes. So VideoTaxi spoke to Rally, who had a good understanding of their business model, and came up with a solution to deliver dashboards that would give both VideoTaxi, and their clients, helpful insight about their projects.

Paul had recommended WorkflowMax as a platform for logging projects and tracking time. It worked well internally, but still didn’t give VideoTaxi the visual snapshot they needed. Rally was able to create a dashboard, which pulls data from Xero and WorkflowMax constantly.

This dashboard syncs up with Microsoft Teams, which is where the team communicates internally, so everyone can see how client projects are progressing or where each cabbie is tracking with their efficiency.

“Now, every day we have up-to-date information on how much time has been used on projects. We can either share the dashboard with clients, or we can export the report as a PDF so they can view it.”

Bruce says this information can now be used to guide client strategy sessions, or to discuss subscription options in a way that delivers value back to their clients. “We can use it to talk about the use of their subscription - whether they are putting it to use for what they intended, whether they can be more strategic about how they are using it, or whether they actually need an additional subscription to suit their needs. When we sit down with decision makers it’s much better to have these data points to show them.”

Video Taxi

Bruce Knoetze

Chief Cabby (Digital Content Producer Manager)

Supporting smarter decision making

Bruce says that isolating the usage of time became a useful metric, showing them where they had made assumptions about where time was spent on projects. “This information is helping us continually make decisions about how we run projects, but also, it’s showed us that we can potentially formulate new products, and that there are other things we can focus on when it comes to delivering value.”

The dashboard makes it easy for the clients to view exactly what percentage of their hours were spent on different requirements for a project, and in turn, it is helping VideoTaxi refine their services and enable efficiencies for their clients. “For example, if a client sees that 70% of their hours were spent on post production, does that mean we need to help them get more efficient with feedback, or a better briefing process?”

Bruce explains that they’re now reducing the number of hours burned on subscriptions, which ultimately is saving their clients money. Internally, this data is also driving better decision making about cost outlay. “By using these dashboards, we can quickly dive in and see whether we can justify things like new equipment purchases because we can see where our time is being spent and whether it’s really needed.”

Bruce said that the benefit of working with Rally is that you don’t just get a platform, you get strategic advice. “It's way more value for money, working alongside somebody that's got a firm understanding of what you're doing and who really sits down and listens to not only the needs and wants, but you know coming up with solutions and possible pitfalls that might be ahead. That's definitely something that you can't get from an off-the-shelf solution.

“Tech support on other platforms can take anything from three to five days; we just can’t work that way. Working with Rally, you ask for something and you’ll get it the next day; it’s such an effortless experience.”

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