Rally is data intelligence.

Rally blends business expertise with advanced technological skills to help your business reach its potential through better performance - and better earnings.

We meet you where you are at, providing responsive, hands-on advice to help you overcome roadblocks, reduce time- and cost-inefficiencies, and find and act on opportunities for growth which leads to better cash flow and more money in your pocket.

What we do.

1 Data Streaming: Rally Connections

Monthly subscription to connect the dots between your platforms.

What you get: This service connects to data sources like Xero, providing a steady stream of refreshed data for you to utilise.

Who it’s for: Ideal for businesses and individuals skilled in data analytics and who wish to conduct their own analyses using tools like Excel, Power BI, Tableau, and Google Sheets.

Why choose this: If you're adept at data analytics and seek a reliable, constantly-updated data source, this is the service for you.

Rally | Pipes full of your data.

2 Your brand, our Rally expertise: White Labelling

Use our dashboards to offer consistent reporting for your customers.

What you get: Get a fully customised dashboard under your brand, offering features like traffic analytics, financial reporting, and more.

Who it’s for: Businesses seeking to extend consistent, branded reporting to their clients.

Why choose this: Your business wants consistent and efficient reporting out to your client base. You may also have identified that reporting and insights may be an additional revenue channel for your business, and you want to take advantage of that. This option lets you expand your service offering without the hassle of building complex reporting tools yourself.

Rally | Your data in your style.

3 Rally Tailored: Bespoke Dashboards

Bespoke consultancy and dashboards that optimise business performance.

What you get: Custom-built dashboards for internal use, focusing on your specified key performance indicators and metrics.

Who it’s for: Organisations looking to leverage data for informed decision-making, or to automate existing reports for greater efficiency.

Why choose this: You know there are things you need to understand and measure in your business but you may not necessarily have the skills and experience internally to accurately and efficiently build what you require. You'll gain the exact insights you need, courtesy of Rally's data expertise, to operate more effectively.

Rally | Rally tailors dashboards to your data's pinpoint.

4 Rally in-depth data analysis solutions: Consulting

Make sense of what’s going on in your business.

What you get: If you have a question about your business, we can help you answer it or build it, whether it’s a one-off report, an intricate SQL database, or a custom Excel model.

Who it’s for: Decision-makers wanting detailed analysis on customer lifecycles, buying patterns, revenue operations or other specific trends.

Why choose this: You want some help and guidance with your business by analysing all historic data and being presented with a report and a series of proposals aligned to the direction the business wishes to head in. You’ll get actionable insights and tailored solutions that align with your business goals.

Rally | Uncover all details.

Rally's connectors.

We connect the tools that support your business and access the full potential of their data.

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